Welcome to the Morgantown Athletics web page. This site is dedicated to select athletic, arts, and academic activities in and around the Morgantown, WV area.  The purpose of the site is to provide a video access port to select performances from elementary, middle, or high school events along with community events. Access to some event's videos are password protected and you will need to obtain the login in formation from a player, coach, or participant to gain access.

Team Air Basketball Spring, 2013 - click here for access to event page (secure access). 

Suncrest Middle Awards Ceremony May 28, 2013 - click here for access to event page (open public access). 

Suncrest Middle Spring Concert May 29, 2013 - click here for access to event page (open public access). 

Personal Pages

Allison Thompson Basketball  - click here for access to event page (open public access).


Video will normally be posted for a month or two after the last competition or event is held and then removed.  You are welcome to use the video for personal use.  Use of the video for commercial, or other non-personal use, is possible but will need to have prior approval.  The video is generally in MP4 format and should be able to be displayed in most PC video players and Apple devices.  There is generally a low resolution version that can be streamed to a smart phone or other portable devices and a high resolution version that is intended to download and displayed on a PC.  However, the videos are generally very large files sizes (200-300 MB for low resolution and 700-900MB for high resolution) and can take 5 to 15 minutes to download for low resolution and 15 to 30 minutes for high resolution, or longer, depending on connection speeds. 

The video is posted for family and friends of the participants to watch that may not have been able to attend these events.  The video is taken in the stands along with other spectators.  While attempts are made to remove comments that may be offensive, there are times when these comments are not identified.  I apologize for any of these oversights.